Seltos Magic in India, Kia Motors made 5th largest car company in the country: Kia Motors, a well-known South Korean car manufacturer, entered the Indian market with its new compact SUV, the Kia Seltos, and in a very short time the Kia Seltos has been well received by Indian customers.

Kia Motors Corporation is the 8th largest car manufacturer in the world, selling well during the festive season in India. While the entire auto industry was struggling with low sales due to sluggishness, Kia Motors sold 12,850 units of its first car Seltos in India in October 2019.

Since launching in August 2019, Kia has sold 26,840 units of Celtos in just 70 days. The company became the 5th largest automobile company in India with just one product in the market. To achieve this feat, the Celtos have not only outpaced many old and newly launched SUVs in various sectors, but also catering to the needs of Indian car-buying customers by exceeding customer expectations in all areas. Have done

Kiya Motors India has already received over 60,000 bookings for Celtos so far and to deliver on time, Kiya has started the second innings to ramp up production at its Hitech production facility in Anantapur.

The company also stated that it would not close the booking as the brand’s plant is fully capable of meeting the growing demand for Celtos. The South Korean automaker is ready to see so much demand for its produced and is pushing its plans for the Indian market.

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