How to get FASTag for Cars: The FASTag will be made mandatory from December 1, 2019 for vehicles on all national highways in the country. FASTag is an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based technology that allows the customer to make toll payments electronically without stopping for cash or card payment.

RFID card will be installed on the windshield of the vehicle and through this the charge will be automatically deducted at the toll gate. The process of FASTag is quite fast and the vehicle will not have to wait much and the toll payment will be made. The toll payment will be deducted from the prepaid or savings account associated with FASTag.

So far, if you have not fastened your vehicle, you can achieve it with the help of ICICI Bank. Customers and other individuals of ICICI Bank can also easily take Fastag by filling the online form and uploading the necessary documents related to the vehicle.

Customers can also visit the bank branch to get their vehicle’s loose fast and fill the offline form and take the fast. After taking Fastag, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking or ICICI Bank can load tags online from Fastag portal.

How to Get Fastag?

  • ICICI Bank Fastag Portal: Go to site
  • Click ‘Apply’
  • Fill the application form and upload the required documents
  • After submitting the application successfully, the Fastag application will be sent to the address.

Fastag by IMobile:

  • Login to iMobile app
  • Go to ‘Shop’ section
  • Tap on the fastag icon
  • Enter required information
  • After the application is successfully submitted, the Fastag will be sent to the address of the applicant.

ICICI Bank branch:

Customers can also go to the bank branch to obtain the fastag issued for the vehicle and fill in an application form.

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