How to Modify your Car into Luxurious Car in Rs 10000 Only


How to Modify your Car into Luxurious Car in Rs 10000 Only

How to Modify your Car into Luxurious Car in Rs 10000 Only: Over time, the car starts getting old and its interior gets old. If you are also bored with the interior of your old car, then today we are telling you the idea of ​​making your car new from old. By changing the car’s interior you can make it like new cars. Now you are thinking that changing the interior of the car can cost millions of rupees, but it is not so. We are telling you how to make the car like new in a very low cost.

Let’s Know how Upgrade your Old Car into New

The most important role of the car in the interior of the car is its music system, then you can have a new music system which starts from 1000-2000 in the market and it will contribute to making your old car new from inside. The second number comes in the cover of the car seat, because as the car starts getting old, the car seat cover also turns out to be old or bursts, then you can get a new seat cover. The starting price of the new seat cover can be Rs. 1000. This will make your car’s old cumbersome interior attractive. Take a new cover on the steering wheel, there will also be considerable changes in the look.

The dashboard gets wound old, which you can get a new look by chrome look. At such times the front look of the car will change quite a lot. You can use a car freshener for good smelling, because this will change significantly too. New designs can be made from the interior on the doors. The cost of modification in this way will usually be up to 10-15 thousand rupees. You can go to the small car market in your cities, where there will be a lot of dealers at the local level which can make such a car modification.

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