Anil not to share stage with third actor Bineesh protesting after sitting down Video


Anil not to share stage with third actor Bineesh protesting after sitting down Video: I’m not Menon, he’s a mercenary. Not a high caste man like him. There is no other day in my life where I am so embarrassed. If this guy was on stage I wouldn’t sit and talk. I can not share the stage with a talented actor who asked for Chance in my films.

Bineesh Bastin tells Manorama about the incident.

I was a guest of a program at Government Medical College, Palakkad. SFI is the program of the union. Anil Sar was present at the function. The event was held at 6 pm. I arrived just in time. But before the program began, the union chairman came and said. Binichetta has a problem. Anil Sar says you won’t attend the event if you are. He said he had difficulty sharing the stage with someone who was asking Chance. Truth be told, I was a total jerk. You need to go cheat Anil sar. The chairmen said there was no problem.

But I couldn’t keep it. As the event was going on, I broke the word of the organizers and came to the venue. The principal told me he would eventually call the police. He said he would come to me as a guest and escort me to the police station. I arrived at the stage where Anil Sir was speaking.

I protested without sitting on the floor in front of him. Mike Taran and the organizers weren’t ready. The students gave me a full sleeve when I arrived. I told them without Mike. Truth be told, the students were unaware of this. Chance is someone who’s asking. I am not an upper caste like Anil sir. I am a mercenary. That is why.

Bineesh also says Chance has not asked for his film. The co-workers called me saying he had a role in the film Lord Livingston 7000 Kandi. I had been going for that movie for about 40 days. But when the movie came out, there were only seconds. There is no sorrow in that. The movie is just that. But I was told by a third-person actor that he couldn’t talk to me on stage. I was in pain. Bineesh asks if we are going for wages forever.

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