Arjun Patiala Box Office Collection of Day 3: ‘Arjun Patiala’ fell on the box office, the movie made so much of the third day: Punjabi singer and actor Diljeet Dosanjh and actress Kriti Sena are earning a slow pace at the box office of ‘Arjun Patiala’. The film had knocked on theaters on July 26th. Considering the pace of earnings of the film, it is believed that comedy and drama-rich film viewers are not liked. The film had earned only Rs. 12 crores on the first day. The second day, the film managed to earn Rs 2 crore 75 lakhs. Trade pundits say that the film could not take advantage of the weekend and the movie collected only 2-3 crores on Sunday.

With ‘Arjun Patiala’, the box office suspense and thriller-rich Kangana’s movie is a Judgemental Hai Kya Kangna and Rajkumar Rao starrer movie viewers are also liked. This is the reason why Arjun Patiala’s earnings have had a huge effect on the film. In addition to these two films, The Lion King, Kabir Singh and Super 30 are also successful in earning at the box office.

Comedy is not Easy

Talking about this film, Arjun said, “I believe comedy is a difficult subject. It is not easy to laugh at people. I also give my opinion in Punjabi films but this is not so in Hindi films. I do not have good grip on Hindi. I can make some dialogues of Punjabi films funny by speaking in my own style. Whatever I am instructed in Hindi, I do the same. In Hindi, I have never had a comedy before. Before that, many great films have been created. I take only two minutes to get Yes or No to any film and I did yes in two minutes to do these films.”

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