Ayushman Khurana fasted for his wife, you will be happy to see the video : You all know that the festival of Karva Chauth was celebrated across the country on October 17, and we know that on this day, the honeymoon fasts for the long life of her husband, but Ayushmann Khurrana has always observed this festival for the wife. Is celebrated together. Yes, Ayushman Khurana is really in love with his wife Tahira Kashyap and you all must know this. At the same time, Ayushmann always expresses love for Tahira in his style and Tahira also keeps sharing the cute moments with Ayushman and sharing it on social media.

In such a situation, recently Tahira Kashyap has shared something that is very cute. You can see Tahira has shared a video on Instagram, through which he has told how “Ayushman Khurana fasted for him on Karvachauth”. Actually Tahira has been getting cancer treatment for a long time. Because of this, she could not keep the fast and for this reason Ayushmann kept the fast for her long life.

Recently, in the video shared by Tahira, Ayushmann is showing him the moon and talking to him about the fast. While sharing this video you can see, “Once again I am embarrassing you Ayushman, our Karvachauth Moment.” I have come for an event in Dubai and my husband has fasted for me on the set of his film. If I am still taking medicines, then I cannot fast. But how good are you Mr. A! I love you very much Thank you Shruti for recording this moment. “Let us all know that Ayushmann and Tahira are Bollywood’s brilliant couples and both leave no stone unturned to show their bonding. Ayushman Khurana fasted for his wife, you will be happy to see the video

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