Big Brother: Tv show big brother shows live video of rape woman contestant


Big Brother: Tv show big brother shows live video of rape woman contestant: The TV show ‘BIGG BOSS’ running on Colors channel is often mired in controversies. Right now the 13th season of ‘BIGG BOSS’ is going on. ‘BIGG BOSS’ is inspired by ‘BIG BROTHER’, a show in Spain. The show inspired by ‘BIGG BOSS’, now something happened in that show that you will be surprised to know.

Yes, a female contestant from ‘BIG BROTHER’ was forced to watch LIVE VIDEO of her rape during the show. The Spanish show was criticized after the incident. It is alleged that the victim female contestant Carlota Prado was raped by her own boyfriend Josa María Lopez.

Carlota Prado was the star contestant of ‘BIG BROTHER’ in the year 2017. During the show, there was a liquor party among the contestants, and the same party was raped after that. The show’s producers played this video of the rape in front of Carlota Prado.

Carlota Prado was quite intoxicated after the wine party. His boyfriend then took him to a room where the incident of raping Carlota Prado was done. Although Carlota Prado opposed her boyfriend despite being drunk. Josa María Lopez was dropped from the show after the incident. The very next day of the incident, the victim was shown a video of the rape, after which she started crying badly.

According to ‘BBC’ report, in the video leaked of the show ‘BIG BROTHER’ it is also seen that when the victim woman was called to a room and this video was being shown, she asked the producers of the show to shut it down She was also pleading, but one of hers was not heard. When this footage was shown in 2017, many advertising companies pulled out of the show criticizing it.

Let me tell you that the producer of this show is Zeppelin. Zeppelin is also a partner of a big and famous company named Endemol Shine. According to media reports, it is not yet known where the investigation in this case has reached. But the man accused of rape has categorically denied rape. Some reports have claimed that women suffering from the past 2 years have been receiving psychiatric treatment and the operators of BIG BROTHER have never tried to contact them.

However, in this case, local MP of Madrid Beatriz Gimeno has said that ‘there should be an inquiry against the producers of the show. The producers of the show failed to save the woman from rape, so she should be criminally prosecuted. ‘

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