Alia Bhatt: Pooja Bhatt told Alia Bhatt to different from her ‘Bhatt’ family for this reason: The book ‘I Have Never Been (Un) Happier’ by Shaheen Bhatt, sister of Alia Bhatt, was released in Mumbai on Wednesday. On the occasion of the release of this book of Shaheen written on her depression, the entire Bhatt family was seen standing together.

Mahesh Bhatt, Soni Rajdaan, Shaheen Bhatt, Pooja Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt and Alia appeared together in this event. But on this occasion Pooja Bhatt, eldest daughter of Bhatt family and Alia’s half sister, told Alia to separate from her family. Pooja says that Alia does not have some family qualities and that is why she is successful in Bollywood.

Alia Bhatt was seen hosting this event on the launch of her sister’s book on Wednesday. On this occasion, Alia asked Pooja Bhatt that Pooja, like Shaheen, has been a victim of similar depression and alcohol addiction but could she ever openly talk about it.

In response to this question, Pooja Bhatt said, ‘I think the problem is in our genes that we speak more truthfully and clearly. We have got this from our father that we speak things as they are, not what people want to hear. And I think you are so successful in the industry because you have not taken this quality of our family with you, as Shaheen and I have taken. ‘

Alia laughed out loud as soon as Pooja Bhatt heard this. Pooja further said, ‘Actually I feel that a lot of truth does not work in Bollywood. We live in a fake world where everything is just pretense. People here do not want you to say openly that you are not well. Everything is very shallow here. They do not mind that you are addicted to cocaine or alcohol, you are eating sleeping pills .. As long as you are good looking, you have a fixed size of your waist, everything is fine here. No matter what condition you are facing inside.

Speaking on Shaheen, Pooja said, ‘People look at our family and say that your family is not normal, then let me make it clear that our unusual looking family is more normal than your normal family. I know that Shaheen is a girl who has the courage to say in front of everyone that ‘I am not well’.

Let me tell you that earlier Shaheen Bhatt has also talked about his depression and things like trying to commit suicide. In this book, Shaheen has written about the period of his depression.

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