Amitabh Married Jaya Bachchan Due To A Condition Of Father


Amitabh Married Jaya Bachchan Due To A Condition Of Father : Bollywood’s very powerful actor Amitabh’s birthday is celebrated on 11 October. Let me tell you how many names have been given to Amitabh, who is called the great hero of the century, who has been fantastic. Recently, he was awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Award. At the same time, he has achieved a different position in his film career and people love him a lot. Amitabh’s family life has also always been in the headlines. Today we are going to tell you how Jaya came in the life of Amitabh, who spent 46 years of married life, and how both of them got married.

Yes, both of them met on the set of the film Guddi, in which both of them worked together. It is said that after this film, the two fell in love and on the set of the film Chef, where Jaya Bhaduri and Rajesh Khanna were working together, they started going to meet Amitabh Jaya constantly and then the love of both of them rose. After that both of them decided to get married but Amitabh and Jaya got married very suddenly.

Yes, Amitabh once said in his tweet that, “After the success of the film Zanjeer, all the friends were preparing to go to London together with Jaya, but due to the conditions of father Harivansh Rai Bachchan, they both got married. Arose It happened that when his father came to know that Jaya is also among the friends going to London, he said that if Jaya and Amitabh have to go to London together then they will have to get married first. In this way both of them got married in a simple ceremony on 3 June 1973 before going to London and on the same day both left for London for honeymoon. ” Amitabh Married Jaya Bachchan Due To A Condition Of Father

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