Annu Malik #MeToo: Hema Sardesai collaborates with Anu Malik after Kashmiri


Annu Malik #MeToo: Hema Sardesai collaborates with Anu Malik after Kashmiri: Singer Hema Sardesai has supported the Indian Idol judge Anu Malik. A few days ago, singer Sona Mohapatra spoke on Twitter about Anu Malik re-sitting on the chair of Indian Idol. After this, a dispute started in the name of music composer Anu Malik.

Sona Mohapatra’s claims were supported by singers Neha Bhasin and Shweta Pandit. However, now Hema Sardesai has spoken a different thing. Writing a long post on social media, Hema told how Anu Malik has supported her career.

Hema also claimed that she was the only singer who did not compromise her moral values ​​for the songs. He said that because of Anu Malik, he has given a lot of blockbuster hit songs, which he got based solely on his merits.

Hema said that she never had any problem and also praised Anu Malik’s professional behavior. Not only this, Hema has raised the opposite questions only on those who accuse #MeToo. He said what is the point of sitting silent for so many years. Should have spoken on this issue earlier.

Let me tell you that before this, actress Kashmira Shah supported Anu Malik. Significantly, in the year 2018, Anu Malik was accused of sexual exploitation under #MeToo. That is why he was thrown out of Indian Idol.

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