Ayushmann Khurrana Going On Holiday After Giving Consecutive Hits


Ayushmann Khurrana Going On Holiday After Giving Consecutive Hits :  Ayushmann Khurrana’s film ‘Dream Girl’ is going very far in terms of earning these days. In such a situation, both the story of the film and the acting of Ayushman have been liked by the audience and people are strongly liking both of them. At the same time, after the success of Dream Girl, there is a lot of offers of Ayushmann films, but right now only one film of Ayushman Bala is going to come. At the same time, Ayushman is preparing to take a long break beyond his busy schedule.

Yes, Ayushmann’s film Bala will hit theaters in November and in the meantime Ayushman Khurana has decided to take a long break in November. At the same time Ayushmann wants to spend time with his wife and two children and he wants to give more and more time to his wife. Recently, Ayushmann told, “I don’t know how long the break will be.” It can be two, three months or even longer. I have spent the last year or most of the year shooting. Last year was very difficult for me. But now I will take care of it and balance it. I will spend time with my family from November.

According to the news, Bala is releasing on November 22 and Shubh Mangal will be more careful in March 2020 and he said that “I will soon be busy promoting Bala, as I will work on Shubh Mangal more careful.” “With this Ayushmann said that” I have not signed any film after Bala. After 15 November, I will spend time with my family. I think my children are growing up and I should spend time with my wife. I am making a conscious effort to work from time to time. ” AYUSHMANN KHURRANA GOING ON HOLIDAY AFTER GIVING CONSECUTIVE HITS

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