Payal Rohatgi: Actress took a fun on the Zomato dispute


Actress took a fun on the Zomato dispute: On a tweet on Zomato where a customer from Zomato refused to take food from the Delivery Boy on the basis of his religion, from Bollywood to Common A recent days. The customer tweeted the online sergeant company Zomato tweeting that he would not take food from the Muslim Delivery Boy, so his rider would be changed and sent to non-Muslims. Although Zomato refused to accept his demands by responding to the tweets of the customers. Also said that food has no religion… food is a religion itself.

What happen on this Tweet

On this tweet on Zomato, where Bollywood is ranging from popular to social media users, the Bollywood actress Payal Rohatgi is tensed on the food company. She has also shared a video. In which Zomato’s delivery buoy is holding a small amount of food in every box and closing the box before taking the order to a deserted place. Delivery buoy does this in almost every box.

What she wrote

Payal Rohatgi wrote about two and a half minutes of this video, “Secular Hindu … Dhobi Kunda … Na Ghar Na Ghat Ka … She is desperate to eat a false food because she is from a secular outlet. “In another tweet, Bollywood Actress wrote,” The hope of peace has come. The one who wants to get PR for free should raise the slogan of secularism, but the customer will not get it now by opposing Hindus in India. ‘Let us know that after Zomato’s reply to the customer many people are angry with the food company and uninstall it on social media Is running a campaign. Social media users are praising the fans, while Bollywood actress Payal Rohatgi has taken a dig at the food company.

At the same time, on the Zomato controversy, Swara Bhaskar appeared in favor of the company, she tweeted that “This gave me a ray of hope that there is still such courage left.” Actress Gauhar Khan wrote that ‘We are proud of you. After this I am going to become your gold member. Lots of love and respect. ”Richa Chadha tweeted,” Don’t hate too much, there is acidity. ” Keep cold, eat food, eat it. Why do you announce?’

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