Hina Khan tears in cleaning doormat, watch pain in video


Hina Khan tears in cleaning doormat, watch pain in video ChambaProject.IN

Hina Khan tears in cleaning doormat, watch pain in video: The entire country is going through a lockdown due to Coronavirus. Due to this, TV and Bollywood stars have been imprisoned in their own homes for the past several days. These stars, who are getting bored in their homes, are spending their time by sharing in household chores.

Due to the absence of meds in the house, the stars are doing all the work at home. Hina Khan was recently seen cleaning the house. Now this television actress is seen cleaning the doormat of her house. In a video shared on social media, Hina Khan is seen doing the Dormat Dhoti in her bathroom. Hina Khan is very much liked on social media.

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Let’s keep the spirit High ??? #QuarantinedLife

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Heena Khan has uploaded a video on her Instagram, in which she is seen crying in the bathroom. As a matter of fact, Hina Khan has told in her post that, a new doormat has come out in her house. So Hina’s mother has given him the job of washing the old doormat. Hina initially has a little fun while washing the doormat, but later also gives an expressive to cry. On this post of Hina, her fans have also started having fun comments.

Please tell Hina Khan, Hina Khan shared a video on Instagram, in which she was seen mopping the house. In fact, due to the coronavirus, his mother instructed Bollywood actress Hina Khan that now she has to do all the household work, Hina’s fans were seen watching this video.

In the video, Hina Khan’s mother was giving instructions to all family members about the work. When Hina gets tired of putting a mop in a corner. Then his mother comes there and hires him again. People were highly appreciating this creativity of Hina’s family at this time.

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