Irrfan Khan Died: Actor Irrfan Khan dies at age 53, funeral to be held in Versova


Irrfan Khan Died: Actor Irfan Khan dies at age 53, funeral to be held in Versova

Irrfan Khan Died: Actor Irrfan Khan dies at age 53, funeral to be held in Versova ChambaProject.IN

Irrfan Khan, the prolific actor of the film world, is no longer with us. Irfan said goodbye to this world at the age of 53. He was ill for a long time. He fought the disease for three years. He was admitted to the Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai due to sudden illness. Here, he breathed his last. Irfan kept fighting till the last moment of his life. On the go, he said that I am tasting life for the first time.

20 people joined the last trip

The body of Irfan Khan has been taken to the cemetery. His funeral will take place at the cemetery in Versova, Mumbai. According to the news, no celebs are allowed to leave due to the lockdown. Only 20 people have joined his last visit.

Film director Shujit Sarkar has given information about Irrfan’s death through a tweet. The director tweeted, “My dear friend Irfan you fought .. fought and fought a lot … I will always be proud of you.” Shanti and Om Shanti. Irfan Khan salute you. ‘

Know what you said

An official statement regarding the death of Irfan Khan has also been released. It reads – ‘I am sure I have surrendered. These are some of the words Irfan uttered at the beginning of his cancer fight in 2018. It is very sad that we have to bring forward the news of their absence. Irrfan was a very strong man who fought till his last breath and inspired everyone who came to him. When he got the shock of news like cancer in 2018, he fought every battle that came with him.

It further reads, ‘Irfan used to be surrounded by his love and family, leaving behind a true legacy of his own. We all pray and hope that he may find peace. Staying on his words, what he said in the last. As if I am tasting life for the first time, it is a miraculous part of it.

Let me tell you that Irfan Khan was admitted to Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai due to illness. He was ill for a long time. Some time ago he also went to London for his treatment. After that there was some improvement in his condition. He also shot for the last film ‘English Medium’. On Tuesday, he was admitted to Kokilaben Hospital once again when his health worsened. Where he took his last breath.

Prakash Javadekar paid tribute

Since the death of Irfan Khan, mourning has swept across the country. In Information and Broadcasting, Minister Prakash Javadekar tweeted and paid tribute to Irfan. He wrote – Irrfan Khan was a multi-faceted artist. I am sad to hear the news of his death. My heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and fans. ‘

Rahul Gandhi also remembered Irrfan Khan. He wrote – ‘I am sorry to hear about the death of Irrfan Khan. He was a versatile and talented actor. He was a popular Indian brand ambassador on the global film and TV stage. He will be greatly missed.’

Salam made his debut from Bombay

Irrfan Khan started his film career with an international film. His first film Salaam Bombay was also nominated for an Oscar. At that time, Irfan Khan was studying final year at NSD.

The last film made in English medium

Irrfan’s last film became English Medium. The film hit theaters before lockdown this year. It was later streamed on Disney Plus Hotstar. Irfan Khan also did not participate in the promotion of this film due to illness.

Wanted to be a cricketer, became an actor

Irfan Khan once wanted to become cricket. However, his father did not agree to this. After this, he took admission in the National School of Drama. Irfan waged a long struggle in Mumbai.

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