Mrinal Thakur: Hrithik Roshan is not a good dancer or a beautiful person but also an excellent actor


Mrinal Thakur: Hrithik Roshan is not a good dancer or a beautiful person but also an excellent actor: ‘I have even heard in TV that even if you are sick, come on the set, we have called an ambulance for you. Working in TV brings discipline in you. It does not matter whether there is a flood or you have 102 fever, because you have the deadline of the show.

Mrinal Thakur’s previous and first commercial film ‘Super 30’, which won the hearts of people at festivals across the world with the first ‘Love Sonia’, was highly appreciated. In such a situation, Mrinal is again working with John in a new film ‘Batla House’.

You also met Shobhana Yadav, who is the wife of real officer Sanjeev Yadav? How was the meeting?

When I first saw her, she was sitting with Sanjeevji. He is completely opposite to Sanjeevji. Sanjeevji is very co-living while Shobhanaji looked very lively. She is a woman working in a news channel. I was among those who called the wrong thing wrong and right the right. I also felt that Shobnaji had more inclination towards Sanjeevji than Sanjeevji and this was a very beautiful thing.

What did you learn from Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham?

Both are complete personalities in themselves. Hrithik is not just a good dancer or a very beautiful person, he is also a great actor. While preparing a scene in ‘Super 30’, he came to me and sat talking. I felt that they were talking while later I understood that they were rehearsing the scene with me. When he went into character by himself, I could not understand.

John is more than my body for me whereas in ‘Love Sonia’ I worked with a variety of actors. If there were any spontaneous, some believe in method acting. Acting with people of both ways.

You are not from the industry and many more star kids have been launched with you?
I liked it very much. If they are launched, then there is a lot of weight on their shoulders to prove themselves. No such pressure is on me. I feel a little bad about how much they will be tested. But the real story begins with the second film. Be it StarKid or me. If there will be any talk of me or them, then only they will get the next film. Then there is the good of nepotism. If this happens, my children also come tomorrow, then I will be able to talk about nepotism.

What about Raksha Bandhan and Independence Day?

Let me tell you about Raksha Bandhan first. I used to fight with my mother that I have no brother but today my brother is 12 years younger than me. He says that the biggest gift for me is the release of ‘Batla House’. He is happy with this. On Independence Day, I remember that we used to keep our school shoes and uniforms ready by washing and ironing with all our hands. Many sweets were available while coming from school. The compass box was found on which there was a tricolor.

When my father used to work in the bank, we once called the soldiers in Delhi to flag the bank. She told us about the interception in the terrorist attack and she also told how her sisters send her Rakhi and she is angry that Bhaiya did not come on Rakhi even this year, then she writes in a letter that no problem, You are protecting me and our country at the border, keep doing that. Knowing all this, my eyes were filled. That emotion is different.

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