Rakhi Sawant Marriage: Rakhi Sawant confessed to the wedding, saying- ‘Yes I have married an NRI’


Rakhi Sawant Marriage: Rakhi Sawant confessed to the wedding, saying- ‘Yes I have married an NRI’: A big news has come out about the actress and dancer Rakhi Sawant, known as Bollywood Controversy Queen. Rakhi Sawant, who has been in the news since the news of her marriage from the past, has now finished speculation that she is bound in marriage, her husband is an NRI.

In the past, Rakhi Sawant’s bridal gown and bangles are in discussion due to the vermilion pictures in demand. But when asked about his marriage, she said that it was just a photo shoot, but now she has accepted his marriage in front of everyone. Along with this I have also told my loverstory.

Rakhi Sawant husband’s name

According to the news of our associate website Bollywoodlife, Rakhi told, ‘I was afraid to talk about my marriage in front of everyone. But now I am confirming these reports myself. I am accepting that I am married. First of all I would like to tell you that my husband is an NRI. His name is Ritesh. ‘

Rakhi further said that her husband will soon fly to the UK. While the process of his visa is still going on. Soon she will be with them.

Rakhi Sawant also told that she had met Ritesh through social media. The day Ritesh messaged them like a fan and then the two became friends. This friendship gradually turned into love and the two decided to get married.

Let us know that this was revealed in his latest pictures even before Rakhi was accepted. Rakhi Sawant is seen once again in her new pictures wearing mehndi and chuda in vermilion hands in demand. Rakhi’s brace is drawing the most attention in these photos. Because she is wearing a bangle, one name appears to be spelling. Although Rakhi has tried to hide it, but even after seeing all the pictures, you too can understand this name.


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