Ranu Mandal Makeup Funny Memes Viral On Social Media, Ranu Mandal in shocking makeover, Video: Ranu Mandal, who begged to sing in the railway station, has become famous now. Himesh Reshammiya gave him a chance to sing in his film. She has sung many songs till now. Ranu was trolled badly after being abused by a fan in the past.

Recently some new pictures of Ranu Mandal have been revealed. She is seen in this beautiful lehenga, but instead of showing her good make-up, her makeup seems to be spoiling her looks. People are now making fun of him on social media for this.

The cyber world is a happy woman who has brought color to life. Every change in their lives is a matter of debate in the social media. Ranu Mandal has now reached the astonishing makeover. Pictures of Ranu’s latest makeover in the 50s are going viral.

Ranu is behind the makeover by makeup artist. Ranu was recently invited to the launch of his new makeover salon in Kanpur. He was dressed in light orange ornaments and matching ornaments. El Ghent Haircut made Ranu more beautiful.

Ranu Mandal Funny Memes

Ranu Mondal Memes

Ranu Mondal Memes

Ranu became famous when she sang Lata Mangeshkar’s song ‘Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai’. The music director Himesh Reshmiya gave her the opportunity to sing in the movie Happy Hardy and Here. Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor have also recorded a new version of the song “Aashiki Men Theri Song” in 36 Chinatown.

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