Rishi Kapoor: On Vijayadashami, Rishi Kapoor did the bottle opener ‘Shastra Pooja’, becoming trolls fiercely!: Most Bollywood celebrities wished their fans on Tuesday by sharing their pictures of Durga Puja and Dussehra celebrations on social media. Actor Rishi Kapoor gave a new twist to the arms worship in a different way to greet the festival. They have worshiped the bottle-opener on Vijayadashami as ‘Shastra Puja’. On Vijayadashami, weapons are cleaned and worshiped.

Rishi also posted a picture of his ‘Shastra Puja’ on social media and was then trolled. Posting a picture of a bottle opener with traditional ‘Sindoor’ and ‘Chandan Tilak’, Rishi tweeted and wrote , ‘Happy Dussehra! The festival season begins. Use the weapon responsibly. ‘

After this, Rishi Kapoor was trolled fiercely. One user wrote, ‘Complete R in opening bottles. K. Studio sold out

One user wrote, ‘This is the most dangerous weapon in the world, it has not known how many houses have been destroyed.’ Another user wrote, ‘You are not expected to have such a tweet as a celebrity.’ Rishi’s wife recently He went on a holiday to Italy with Neetu and shared some pictures from there. Rishi has recently returned to India after spending 11 months in the US. He went to America for cancer treatment. Son Ranbir Kapoor and his girlfriend Alia Bhatt used to visit him regularly. Meanwhile, many Bollywood actors also visited him.

On returning to Mumbai, Rishi got a big welcome and Neetu shared a glimpse of a balloon with the words ‘Welcome home dad’. Alia Bhatt also celebrated her comeback and hosted a party.



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