Shahrukh Khan was Trolled on Internet on Diwali Tika: On the occasion of Diwali, film actor Shah Rukh Khan shared a picture of Diwali with wife and son on social media that he once again came under the target of a narrow minded people of the society. He is being trolled for this picture. Shabana Azmi has come forward on social media in defense. Whereas even in the past, he has been trolled for worshiping Ganesha even after becoming a Muslim.

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This time on the occasion of Diwali, he has come under target to apply tilak on his forehead. He has posted a tilak picture with his wife Gauri and son Abram. After this he has wished everyone a happy Diwali. After this, many people from the Muslim community targeted him for doing so.

Fake Muslim

From calling Shahrukh Khan a ‘fake Muslim’ to his double standards, Islamic fundamentalists have been fiercely angry at the Diwali post. One of them also condemned it, saying that it is a shame that Shah Rukh, despite being a Muslim, is performing the duties of a Hindu. Shah Rukh Khan, however, ignored this point like every other time, but Shabana Azmi, who is also a Muslim, could not tolerate this disturbance in the name of religion.

He came forward to defend Shah Rukh Khan openly. Shabana wrote, “I am offended by the Islamists being angry with Shah Rukh Khan’s Diwali wishes. They are called ‘fake Muslims’ for applying tilak!” Go and do your work! Islam is not weak enough to fear intimidation. There is a beautiful Indian custom. His beauty is in Gangajamuni tehzeeb. ‘

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