Shweta Tiwari’s husband Abhinav Kohli broke silence after allegations, gave this statement


Shweta Tiwari’s husband Abhinav Kohli broke silence after allegations, gave this statement: ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ki’ season 1 that famous actress Shweta Tiwari is far away from TV nowadays, but nowadays she is very much in headlines about her personal life. Shweta Tiwari married Raja Chaudhary first but she was not successful. He then remarried to Abhinav Tiwari but here too he is facing troubles. Shortly before, Shweta accused her husband Abhinav of mistreating her daughter and using foul language. After this, Abhinav was arrested by the police. Let Abhinav get bail.

Recently Abhinav went to a screening of a film. There, he spoke about the charge against himself and said that Shweta had come to meet me while I was in jail. But after this, he did not give any answer to anyone’s question. He simply said on repeated asking of the media that this is a matter of his home and he does not want to mention this matter to everyone. He directly said that this is my family matter.

Abhinav also said that because of this allegation, he is already very upset and trying to recover slowly. He said that soon he will start living a normal life.

Meanwhile, Shweta Tiwari’s daughter came forward and spoke openly about the charge against her father. Palak Tiwari said that the allegations against his father are not true. The media has exaggerated many things. My father never physically exploited me nor did he raise his hand on my mother. Yes, but she used foul language against me many times due to which she used to get very upset.

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