Sonam Kapoor: Anil Kapoor considers Sonam Kapoor lucky for herself, actress gave interesting reason: Actress Sonam Kapoor’s new film The Zoya Factor is set to release on September 20. In this, Sonam and Dulquer will be seen opposite Salman. Sonam will be seen in the role of advertising executive Zoya Solanki in the film. At the same time, Tendulkar will be seen as the captain of the Indian cricket team. Zoya is considered to be lucky charm for the crate team that will be featured in the film. Both stars arrived as guests in The Kapil Sharma to promote the film. On the show, Sonam said that she is lucky charm for her father in real life too.

Sonam Kapoor told that like the film The Zoya Factor, her father Anil Kapoor also considers her for herself. He told an interesting anecdote behind it. Sonam told that the year she was born, all the films of father Anil proved to be blockbusters. Apart from this, he shared another anecdote related to cricket.

Sonam kapoor shares that father anil kapoor considers her very lucky for him

He told that when his father went to see the performance of Team India in the semi-files of the World Cup, he also asked Sonam to walk together, but Sonam refused to make an excuse that she had to go to the spa. India team could not play that day because it was raining heavily. After this the match happened on the second day and India lost. Sonam told that father believes that if I had gone to watch the match that day, India would have won.

On the show, Sonam told that Kapil was married on the day of his father’s birthday. Kapil had sent the wedding card in which it was written that the program will start from 8 o’clock. In such a situation, despite his father’s own birthday, he reached Kapil’s wedding at exactly 8 am. But the shocking thing during that time was that Kapil was not even ready for the function. Even his wife was not ready.

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