The Truth Of Rakhi Sawant’s In-Laws Came To The Fore, Husband Turned Out To Be A Thief!


The Truth Of Rakhi Sawant’s In-Laws Came To The Fore, Husband Turned Out To Be A Thief! : Rakhi Sawant always remains in the headlines due to her fresh new plays. Tell that they have been in the news for their marriage for a long time. According to Rakhi, her husband’s name is Ritesh and he lives abroad. However, her husband has not been seen by anyone other than Rakhi, not even her friends, but she often keeps talking about her husband. Currently Rakhi has gone to the UK to meet her husband. From there she has also shared a video, in which a luxurious house is seen behind her and she is calling it her own. According to Rakhi, her husband has gifted her the house.

In this case, Rakhi has shared some more photos on her Instagram, in which she is sitting inside a house. Now whether this house belongs to him or not, we cannot say this. But with these pictures, Rakhi has shared another photo in which a lot of notes are visible. A room full of notes is seen in the photo and a gun is placed above those notes. However, with this photo, Rakhi has neither written that this money belongs to her, nor that it is a photo of her house. A shocking disclosure has come to light after examining this photo.

When you look at this photo carefully, you will see that there is a logo on the photo. In our search, we found that this logo is from Miami-Dade Police. After further investigation of the photo, it was found that this money was caught by the Miami police in a drug raid in 2016. The Miami police themselves shared a picture of these notes on their official Twitter handle. The photo shared by the police is like the photo shared by Rakhi. Which casts doubt on the photos shared through them. THE TRUTH OF RAKHI SAWANT’S IN-LAWS CAME TO THE FORE, HUSBAND TURNED OUT TO BE A THIEF!

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