Sunny Leone made a copy of a famous painter's painting in charity, She Become trolled for Coping a Painting

Sunny Leone made a copy of a famous painter’s painting in charity, She Become trolled for Coping a Painting: Sunny Leone has been trolled on social media by copying a painting she created for charity, her painting being an imitation of an artwork originally created by French painter Malaika Favre. An Instagram account shared the similarity on Monday, sharing snapshots of similar pictures of Favre and Sunny’s painting.

After this, film actress Sunny Leone has also given her clarification. The person who mimicked the painting made by Sunny wrote on social media, ‘We are all in favor of donating but to steal the original work of an artist without credit and donate it It is a dirty job to auction your name.

Sunny Leone Reply to Troller

After this Sunny has replied on this Instagram account. He has written that he has not copied the original artwork. He has been given a picture from which he has made his painting. Sunny Leone writes, ‘Namaste. While giving you the correct information, I have to tell you that the photo of this painting was given to me. I then decided to paint it. I have never said that I made it. I just resurrected a painting of art, I saw it and I fell in love with it. It should be taken as appreciation because it is for charity and was being donated to cancer patients. ‘

Sunny further wrote, “No more or less. Sorry, you are not thinking that I have chosen to help children. The paintings were not about you or me. I was trying to help through this! Good luck! ‘Sunny Leone is a Bollywood actress who is often seen working in films.

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