Danger Alert: FaceApp lets you age a photo by Decades does it also violate your Privacy

Danger Alert: FaceApp lets you age a photo by Decades does it also violate your Privacy: No one knows when the trend started in the Internet world. Sometimes people start to blend themselves with politicians, and then they start looking for their position in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet.

What is FaceApp

There are many apps that work on Artificial Intelligence based algorithms that appeal to people. These days, one such app is a shadow on social media, named FaceAppe. This app makes your photo something like this, with the help of a special algorithm, as you might see some decades later.

Who share FaceApp Photo

People are taking this app in hand. Not just ordinary users, but big film personalities and other people are sharing this picture of old age with the help of this app on social media. In a few days this app has become a sensation of social media. Along with its increasing trends, questions have started arising with its danger.

सावधान! बुढ़ापे की तस्वीर दिखाने वाला FaceApp कहीं आपको भारी न पड़ जाए

Many people suspect that this app can steal people’s personal information. In the US Senator Chuck Schumer has expressed concern over this and has also demanded the investigation. He has appealed to the Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) and the government unit protecting consumer FTC against this app. They called it a threat to national security and privacy.

What is the reason for fear?

The reason for the US Senator’s fear of this app is its location. This app was developed in Russia by a wireless lab company located in St. Petersburg. This is the real reason for Chuck Schumar’s fear. They say that this app is originally from Russia and when the company gives the information of American citizens to any third party or foreign governments, nothing can be said.

They have doubted that if sensitive data from American citizens has taken the hands of a country which has already been engaged in the cyber war against the US, it can be very difficult. Not only this, the Democratic National Committee has issued an alert to remove all the members connected with the presidential election campaign immediately from this phone.

What is the opinion of the experts?

Most of the experts do not keep a coincidence with the threat from any type of app. Baptist Robert, who was active in research related to security, said, “This app only sends information about my smartphone model, its device id and Android version. This is a very common thing for any app. ‘ They say that apart from these small details, this app has only one thing, it is your picture, with the help of which you make your old-fashioned look.

The company has given cleanliness

After the question of security, the company has also clarified about it. The company says that the data of the user is not shared with any third party. The user’s picture is transformed into a picture of old age with the help of artificial intelligence. In this process the photo is stored on the cloud so that users do not have to upload it again and again. The company also claims that most of the photos are deleted in 48 hours.

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