Justin Bieber caught in a legal case, know what is the charge : Justin Bieber’s name appears to be implicated in a legal case. Justin Bieber has been sued for copyright infringement. In fact, Justin Bieber shared pictures with his friend on social media on 13 March. But these pictures were not owned by Bieber.

Media reports said that Justin Bieber had not obtained permission from photographer Robert Barbarra to share these photos on social media. Earlier, Jennifer Lopez was also sued by the photo agency for $ 1.5 million under copyright.

For your information, let us know that Bieber was recently in discussion for buying 25 million hybrid cats. Let me tell you that Justin Bieber and model Hailey Baldwin have remarried on October 1. Both of them surprised the fans by getting remarried (first court marriage) on the occasion of the first wedding anniversary. The two married in the presence of 154 VIP guests. Both looked very beautiful on this occasion. In fact, many questions have been raised on the marriage of both of them in the last one year. It is also being said that everything is not right between the two. But by marrying again, both of them put an end to all rumors. Justin Bieber caught in a legal case, know what is the charge

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