India’s Most Wanted Movie Public Review: Arjun Kapoor leads a manhunt in tepid thriller (India’s Osama)


India’s Most Wanted Movie Public Review


  • Movie Name : India’s Most Wanted
  • Director : Raj Kumar Gupta
  • Cast : Arjun Kapoor, Rajesh Sharma, Gaurav Mishra

A man who doesn’t have a face. No one has seen him in more than a decade. But wherever he goes, he leaves destruction in his wake. Who is this man, India’s Most Wanted, who has held the country captive for over a decade with serial blasts, deaths and devastation? After a series of blasts in Pune, the IB (Intelligence Bureau) and RAW (Reseach and Analysis Wing) are in the dock. While they stick to their ‘terrorists are sitting in Pakistan and Dubai’ stance, India is rocked by more serial blasts.

Unfortunately, Director Raj Kumar Gupta in keeping the story firmly tethered to reality does not allow it to soar. As a result, a thoroughly intriguing story ends up being fairly linear with hardly any surprises or reveals. Unlike Raid, Gupta’s film last year, which was about a grueling tax raid that resulted in many surprises before a triumphant end, India’s Most Wanted is underwhelming despite a premise that is vastly intriguing. A cursory treatment of local or procedural minutiae with scant attention to details ends up blunting the edge off a sinister plot, considerably.

What fans Say’s about India’s Most Wanted (India’s Osama)

Flocking to the theatres in big numbers for the first day first show, fans, cine-goers and movie buffs came out with a satisfactory reaction from India’s Most Wanted. Most of them praised the direction, while some also said that the film may be Arjun Kapoor’s best till date. While some did point out a few loop holes, most of the people praised the effort and the sentiment of the film.

How Many Rating get India’s Most Wanted

  • 4/5 to India’s Most Wanted
  • According to Google 77% Users Like India’s Most Wanted

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