Khanadani Shafakhana: Badhsah disclosure on the show, Shah Rukh Khan has a connection with his name: Famous rapper Badhsah recently came to promote his film Khanadani Shafakhana on the show of Kapil Sharma. On the show, the Badhsah shared an anecdote related to Shahrukh Khan. During this time, the king revealed his real name and revealed that he had inspires from Shah Rukh Khan’s Badshah. The Badhsah told that his stage name was King Shaharukh Khan’s 1999 film “Badshah” with Inspire. This film, released in 1999, was a super hit. All my friends had fallen in love with this movie.

The Badhsah was so impressed with Shah Rukh’s film that he started writing a lot of songs. At the same time, the King had started performing in front of the people. And at the same time, his name fell to the king. Their friends started calling in the name of the Badhsah. From that time my stage name became the Badhsah. The King further said that ‘people know very little from their real name. His real name is Emraan Singh Sisondia, but I do not think many people will know this name.’

Explain that the Badhsah is going to debut in the film from the Khanadani Shafakhana. Sonakshi Sinha in the film will also be seen in Lead Roll. Sonakshi has become a doctor in it, while the king will appear in the role of a rapper. It is known that the king’s song ‘Pagal’ has made a record and this song of the king made a world record in one day of its release. Many international bands and celebrities had also left behind. The king’s ‘Pagal Hai’ song was seen in about a total of 80 million and 75 million times a day on YouTube.

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