Man vs Wild: Bear Grylls gave speared and said – If tigers come, kill them, Modi said – My upbringing does not allow: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will soon be seen expressing his views in an episode of ‘Man vs Wild’ about conservation of nature, his time in the Himalayas, his struggle with wildlife in his youth and the cleanliness drive in India. A video showing a glimpse of the episode ‘Man vs Wild’ was released on Friday.

In the show, adventure and television presenter Edward Michael Grylls, better known as Bear Grylls, gives Modi a spear-like weapon to ward off a possible tiger attack. Modi says, “I am not allowed to raise my life She gives. However, I grab it (the spear) because you are pushing. ”

Edward Michael Grylls is popularly known as Bear Grylls.

The special episode will premiere on Discovery Channel on August 12. It is shot in Jim Corbett National Park.

Modi also said, “We should not take this place as a threat. When we go against nature, everything becomes dangerous, man also becomes dangerous. On the other hand, if we reconcile with nature then she also cooperates with us. ”

During this adventure, Grylls asked about the need for cleanliness in India and its efforts. The Prime Minister says, “No outsider can make my India clean, only the people of India can keep India clean.”

He said, “Personal hygiene is in the culture of the Indian people. We need to develop a habit of social hygiene. Mahatma Gandhi has done a lot of work on this and now we are getting good success in it. I believe India will succeed very soon.”

Watch Video of Bear Grylls and PM Modi

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