Man vs Wild: Bear Grylls said – PM Modi does not lose patience during crisis, his humility touches his heart: PM Narendra Modi will be seen with the show host Bear Grylls in a special episode on 12 August at 9 pm on Discovery Channel’s show Man vs Wild. It will be broadcast. The program will be shown in 180 countries. Earlier, Grylls told the news agency ANI that when our team was shooting for the episode, I saw PM Modi quite calm during the whole journey. He said that Modi bravely faces any odds. But Grylls will see PM Modi’s side which he has never seen before.

What did Bear Grylls says: Grylls, the host of the Man vs Wild show in Wales (UK), said that you would never have seen this avatar of PM Modi before. The team of the show came back and said that it will be the most watched TV show in any country of the world so far and I hope so too. Grylls further said that Modi boldly faces any odd situation, no matter the weather.

Praised PM Modi: Grylls said that our team which was shooting Man vs Wild was on the dangerous bank of the river. But even then I saw PM Modi very quiet. His humility was also amazing. He said that India is a beautiful country. It is being told that when PM Modi’s officials said that he cannot allow him to cross the river in this way, Modi said that I have no problem in doing so.

Did not eat insects in front of PM Modi: Bear Grylls

Speaking about the Man vs Wild episode with PM Narendra Modi, program host Bayer Grylls said he did not eat insects at all in that episode. Grylls said that since PM Narendra Modi is a vegetarian, he did not consider it appropriate to eat animals like this in that episode. Grylls also said that by eating fruits, roots, tubers and plants in the forest, one can easily survive.

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