Lootcase Review: Hotstar’s ‘Lootcase’ can be seen for the best acting of great actors

Lootcase Review: Hotstar's 'Lootcase' can be seen for the best acting of great actors

Lootcase Review: Rajesh Krishnan, who made everyone laugh through TVF’s famous web series Tripling, is now present with the audience’s comedy film Lootcase. A film littered with great actors like Kunal Khemu, Rashika Duggal, Vijay Raj, Gajraj Rao, and Ranveer Shorey, do not reach the level that one would expect from Rajesh Krishnan. Released on Disney Plus Hotstar, the film saves its powerful acting.

Story of Lootcase Review

The story of the film revolves around a bag full of money. There is a middle-class man named Nandan Kumar, who works in the press. The aim of his life is to get the Best Employee Award. For this, he also says yes to the night shift. On reaching home during the night shift, he finds a bag full of hand money. It contains one 10 crore rupees and an important file. Two more people are behind this bag.

One is Mr. Patil, the leader, at whose behest Gangster Omar and Inspector Kolte are looking for this bag. At the same time, Omar’s enemy and gangster Bala are also in the grip of grabbing this bag. Now everyone is looking for this bag. At the same time, Nandan is busy handling this money. He cannot even mention it to his wife. At the same time, Nandan’s wife Lata is upset with less money and expenses. Amidst all this, an attempt has been made to create situational comedy.

What felt special Lootcase

– The main thing about the web series is its casting and acting. The choice of each actor and his character suits him a lot. After Delhi Belhi, Vijay Raj has once again appeared in the role of a gangster. Ravani is seen in his payment. At the same time, Gajraj Rao also plays a role in the role of a leader. Ranveer Shorey plays the role of a corrupt but tough cop.

– Hearts to see them again and again. Kunal Khemu appears to be a troubled common man. Although Rashika’s character does not get as much opportunity, she still does her job well. Apart from this, you will see many characters active in the world of TVF and YouTube. Faces blossom on seeing these actors. Abhishek Banerjee has once again proved Khund in the casting.

– The dialogue of the film is also quite correct. Some such punches have been written, which land at the right time. Especially with the name of animals, the Scientific name has been tried to tickle a lot. At the same time, even normal efforts have been made to create a comedy using normal conversation.

– Director Rajesh Krishnan has succeeded to a great extent in removing the acting. He has used all actors well. Every little character leaves his impatience. Even if that character has appeared in the film for one or two scenes.

Where is the deficiency Lootcase

– The biggest deficiency is seen in the concept of the film itself. Before this, you have seen many Bollywood movies about the game of mouse and cat in the back of a bag full of money. While watching the film, you miss films like De Dana Dan. The old story seems to have been returned with a new packet. Even the end is exactly the same as you can see in many of Priyadarshan’s films. This is the biggest drawback of the film.

– The songs of the films are also quite average. There is a song that moves the story forward. At the same time, there is also an item song in the middle. Such experimentation could have been avoided with such a film. There, you feel like a break.

– Rajesh Krishnan is familiar with the old show Tripling, he is going to be disappointed. He appears in a frame but fails to make a departure in his debut film.

In the end

The Lootcase story is old, the concept is old. But the actors have tried their best to kill themselves in this old story too. This effort of the actors saves the film from being boring. However, we must keep in mind that comedy is a difficult genre.

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