Hotel Mumbai Trailer: This film has been made on the true incident of Taj attack, now Anupam Kher’s Hotel Mumbai


Hotel Mumbai Trailer: This film has been made on the true incident of Taj attack, now Anupam Kher’s: The whole of India was shaken by the 2008 Mumbai terror attack. The militants had barged into Marine Drive’s five-star hotel ‘Taj’. After this, he had taken people hostage. Security forces had evacuated everyone in a three-day operation. There were many stories inside the hotel in this attack. Many filmmakers showed their artistry on this screen.

Anupam Kher is bringing one such film. The film Hotel Mumbai, directed by Australian director Anthony Mars, features the story of Chef Hemant Oberoi, who guards the guest inside the hotel. The film will hit theaters on November 29. However, this is not the first film on the story inside Taj. Earlier in the year 2015, the Spanish film ‘Taj Mahal’ had won the case. Let’s know …

The film came in the year 2015

The film titled ‘Taj Mahal’ was released in the year 2015. It was directed by Nicolas Saad. The film was based on the true incident of a foreign tourist who came to visit Mumbai. The wife is in the Taj Hotel at the time of the attack, while the husband is away from work. The film depicts the terrorist attacks between the story of this relationship. The film was shown at the 72nd edition of the Venice Film Festival.

Ram Gopal has also made films

The first film on the Mumbai attacks was made by Ram Gopal Varma. The film, titled Nana Patekar, was titled ‘The Attack of 26/11’. However, the story of Taj was not shown in this film. In this, an attempt was made to show this attack with the help of Kasab’s trial. The film was based more on Kasab than Taj. In the film, Nana plays Rakesh Maria, who worked to investigate the case.

Hotel Mumbai | Official Trailer | Dev Patel | Anupam Kher | Anthony Maras | 29 November

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