Deepika And Ranveer: Parents told Ranveer and Deepika before marriage life


Ranveer and Deepika before marriage life: Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have been married for over a year now. The couple has been open about the suggestion of Ranveer and Deepika before their marriage. Deepika was speaking about this in an interview.

” Marriage is fun. It has been quite fun for a while. I said this to my parents and Ranveer’s parents. “Wait 35 years and you will understand,” Deepika said.

Asked if he would quarrel, he replied: ‘We will never quarrel. We spend a lot of time getting together for ourselves. We understand and respect each other. I know Ranveer. Ranveer also understands me very well. We have different people. I get up early. I am a disciplined person. But Ranveer is the opposite. Deepika said We are living our lives with all this in mind.

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