Rashmi’s Troubles Will Increase In Bigg Boss 13, This ‘Enemy’ Entry Will Be : The 13th season of Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss has been in the headlines these days. In such a situation, some spice viewers are getting in every episode of the show, which is touching the hearts of the people, but due to this spice, some people are also talking about banning the show. In such a situation, the news of a wild card entry in the show has come out. Yes, according to a report surfaced in the house of Bigg Boss 13, Mrinal Jain’s ex girlfriend Varsha Bhagwani can come.

Yes, although if you are stamping this news then it is not so, because the official confirmation of this news has not been done yet. At the same time, if this happens, then the problems in the show can increase for Rashmi Desai, that is because Varsha’s relationship with Rashmi Desai is not good and the reason is Mrinal Jain. Yes, Rashmi ties Rakhi Rakhi to Mrinal and Varsha is Mrinal’s ex girlfriend and it is said that when Varsha and Mrinal were in relation, Rashmi came between them at that time, due to which both of them could not be formed.

At the same time, Varsha Bhagwani had told that by the past news, “Rashmi called her mother when she was having an affair with Mrinal. After which Mrinal had left Varsha and went to his wife Sweety. “Whereas, he said that” After nearly a year long relationship ended, her heart was broken and she went into depression. ” Rashmi’s Troubles Will Increase In Bigg Boss 13, This ‘Enemy’ Entry Will Be

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