Sania Mirza played peculiar game at Tittock, such ‘coronavirus’, see Viral Video


Sania Mirza played peculiar game at Tittock, such ‘coronavirus’, see Viral Video

In view of the increasing outbreak of Coronavirus, Lockdown is applicable everywhere. At the same time, the common man keeps sharing his video (video) through social media, even during the lockdown from the celebs to the players. Recently, Sania Mirza shared a video of her Tiktok Video. In this video, Sania Mirza is seen running away after killing Coronavirus.

Sharing this video, Sania wrote, ‘I killed everyone’. In this video, Sania is seen hitting the coronavirus with both hands. This video has received more than 4 thousand likes while 179 people have commented.


#playathome I killed them all ?? ? ps: don’t mind the ppl walking in the background ?

♬ original sound – Sania Mirza – Sania Mirza

Due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, all the sports related competitions in the whole world have been postponed. All the players of the country and the world are spending quality time with their families at this time. In India also, 21 days lockdown is applicable at this time. Tennis star Sania Mirza is also with the family at her home.

Significantly, a 21-day lockdown is in place to prevent the growing outbreak of Coronavirus in the entire country. During this time, following the rules of social distancing, all people have to stay at home but despite doing so much by the government, the disease continues to wreak havoc in the country.

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