Bear grylls got stinged by bee and doctors came to his rescue


Bear grylls got stinged by bee and doctors came to his rescue: Bear Grylls, who was recently seen in an adventure show with PM Modi, had to face a fatal accident during his new TV show. In fact, he was stung by a bee on an island in the Pacific Ocean and doctors had to come to his aid in a hurry. Grylls was busy shooting for his new TV show Treasure Island on an island in the Pacific Ocean. He was present on the boat with some contestants, during which he was stung by a bee. Grylls is allergic to bee stings.

Initially, he continued shooting nonchalantly, but after some time his condition started deteriorating. Seeing his health deteriorating, doctors had to give him injections. Even the doctors treating him were surprised. Brain surgeon Mano Shanmuganathan told the Daily Star – “Bear Grylls knows what he has to achieve.” He said it was a strange moment for me to sting bee grills and need treatment.

Significantly, Bayer appeared in his show Man vs Wild some time ago. During this show, PM Modi Environment also talked about security and told why it is important for humans to survive. He also kept this message that how important is the protection of the environment for the coming generation, and human beings should think about humanity beyond their selfishness. The episode of Man vs Wild with PM Modi was also officially the most trending television event in the world.

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