Bigg Boss 13: Aarti Singh told the story of depression, mother died after 27 days of birth: In Bigg Boss 13, Krishna Abhishek’s sister Aarti Singh is emerging as a strong contestant. In the first task of season 13, Shaifali Bagga commented on Aarti Singh’s personal life. Now Aarti Singh told that she had gone into depression a few years ago. Not only this, when Aarti was 27 days, her mother left the world.

Aarti Singh is telling Shahnaz, Paras and Mahira that “I did hit shows like Myka, Waris. However, I didn’t get any recognition. After heir I sat home for two years. I didn’t have a single job. There came a period when I went into a lot of depression ”

Aarti told that “She was in a very bad stage. I used to cry at three o’clock in the night. I used to have panic attacks. So my brother used to come to me at night.” Aarti said, “I had a very good relationship. I liked the boy. However, when he came to know that I had depression, he did not talk again.”

Handled myself like this

Aarti Singh also told how she handled herself. Aarti said, “Shortly after Krishna was born, I came into my mother’s womb. She got cancer due to complication in pregnancy.”

Aarti says, “Everyone told my mother to get abortion but, she refused. I gradually realized that my mother had gone to produce me and I am sitting in depression. I can do something better. . ”

Mother’s friend took her lap

After Aarti Singh’s mother’s death, she was adopted by her mother’s best friend. Let us tell you that Shaifali Bagga had made personal comments on Aarti Singh in the first task. Shaifali commented on Aarti Singh’s affair with Siddharth Shukla.

Shefali Bagga also commented on their marriage and divorce. Aarti Singh started crying. Aarti Singh is Govinda’s niece and Krishna Abhishek’s sister. Apart from Mayaka and Waris, Aarti has worked in the TV serial Sasural Simar Ka.

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