Bigg Boss 13: Shahnaz Gill’s shocking video viral, giving abuses and insulting: With the entry of Punjabi singer Himanshi Kohli into the house of Bigg Boss 13 on Saturday, fans of Bigg Boss have split into two parts. One team supports the home-grown contestant Shehnaaz Gill, while the other faction believes that she is not as straightforward as she is trying to be. After making his entry on stage, Himanshi was asked by host Salman Khan about his long-running feud with Shahnaz.

Himanshi said that while she does not know Shahnaz personally, things had gone wrong once between the two. Explaining this further, Himanshi said that when he launched one of his songs, Shahnaz attacked him strongly.

Shahnaz reacted sharply to her song. At the same time, Shahnaz embarrassed Himanshi about her body and even humiliated her mother and her character. He then took the stand on the matter with things in his hands and replied to Shahnaz.

Since last night’s episode aired, Himanshi’s supporters were seen finding more mistakes of Shahnaz. Now two videos of Shahnaz are going viral. In this, Shahnaz can be seen abusing and insulting someone who has been shared on Twitter.

Fans believe that in this she is talking about Himanshi. In one video, Shahnaz is seen calling someone overweight and saying in a song, while others are provoking him. She is seen singing ‘Budhi Ghodi Lal Lagam’. In another Snapchat video, Shahnaz can also be seen talking about the character of one’s mother.

The real game will start as soon as Himanshi enters the house. In the promo for Sunday’s episode, Shahnaz cries seeing Himanshi. She throws her arms around and takes off her mic.

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