Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar, December 22 LIVE Updates: Salman Khan got angry over the high voltage action of the family, the class of the family members


Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar, December 22 LIVE Updates: Salman Khan got angry over the high voltage action of the family, the class of the family members: Wrangling and quarrels continue in the Big Boss house, but seeing what happened in yesterday’s episode, it seems that the water has gone above the head. Salman will be seen in the class of Bigg Boss in today’s weekend of Bigg Boss. Salman asks Siddharth about the arrogance in the house yesterday, what was the meaning of Aisi when you were talking about Rashmi who is ‘such a girl’.

Sid is answering Salman’s questions that Rashmi gets emotional in the middle saying that Sid is questioning her character and that she cannot lose her self-respect to stay on the show and she wants to leave the show. . Rashmi uses a derogatory term for Siddharth, which is beeped.

At the same time, Siddharth is seen warning Rashmi after which Salman Khan loses his temper and warns both the contestants to talk about their past at home. Salman says whatever you want to say, speak outside the house, do not say anything here.

Salman will reprimand Asim

In today’s episode of Bigg Boss, Salman’s mercury goes up a lot and he is seen bouncing on Asim. Salman says to Asim that in the same tone in which you were talking now, you should also speak here in front of me.

These members are nominated to be homeless from home

Sid, Asim Aarti, Madhurima, Vishal Arhan and Shefali Bagga are nominated to be homeless from Bigg Boss house this week.

Salman reprimands the makers

Salman Khan is fed up with daily quarrels at home and finally reprimanded the makers saying that you want to extend the show for five weeks but I don’t want to be a part of the show anymore. Contestants are not deterred from getting entangled with Salman Khan despite repeated arguments.

Will sid regret it

Today Salman will be seen doing a heavy class for both Sid and Rashmi, but even in front of Salman, both will not sit silent and abuse each other but then Salman will say something to them that both will be silent. Now it has to be seen whether Sid and Rashmi will regret it or not.

Shehnaz and Sid’s relationship soured

Aarti tells Sid that Shehnaz is crying but Sid ignores Aarti’s words too. Aarti then goes to Shahnaz herself and pacifies her. Later Aarti goes to Sid and asks him to talk to Shahnaz once. But Sid does not listen to them this time.

Mallika will share stage with Salman

Today Mallika will be seen romancing Salman along with sharing the stage with Salman Khan. On seeing Mallika, Salman says that “You are so hot that I feel hot”. After this, Salman starts taking air from a board in his hand. When Salman says hot, Mallika asks how hot am you? Tell me that Salman says that so much, so much Mallika says, you are blushing. Hold your hand, roll your eyes and say those three words.

Asim and Paras clash in front of Salman

Asim says to Salman that Paras has abused his family members for his mother and sister, in response to which Paras says to Salman that Asim is a washing of milk, it abuses us and if we abuse it Then it says that you came to my mother and came to my sister.

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