Bigg Boss Ban: Letter written to Union Minister to ban Bigg Boss for spreading obscenity: Bigg Boss 13 is getting a lot of love from the audience. On the other hand, the show has also been mired in controversies. From its very first episode, the show has been facing allegations of obscenity. There is a lot of opposition to the show on social media as well. Actually in the first episode, this protest is happening due to the task given to the householders to collect ration.

All India Traders has written a letter to Union Information Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar in protest against Bigg Boss. Kat has asked Prakash Javadekar to immediately stop the show running on Colors TV. Kat says that pornography is being promoted in the serial. The old traditional, social and cultural values ​​of our country are being stripped from Bigg Boss. In the craving for TRPs and profits, social harmony is being tarnished through the Big Boss. Such acts cannot be allowed in a country with a diverse culture like India.

On Friday, on social media, many people were spreading the jihad, Bigg Boss, trending hashtag. Many social media users say that Kashmiri Muslim model and Hindu girl have been asked to share beds with the show. Through this, the show is trying to promote Love Jihad.

What is the dispute?

A person opposing the show on Twitter had said that the generation coming with the help of this show is being given proper education of culture and culture of the country. Some people also said that the Bigg Boss show is not entertaining at all and neither a positive message can be given with the help of this show. This show is only trying to spoil the culture of the country.

Actually, the family members had to collect the ration of the house and they did not have to collect this ration from their hands, whereas for this they had to transfer the goods from each other’s mouth. Apart from this, BFF (Bed Friends Forever) has also been given to the family members. That is, before entering the house, it has been decided that which contestant will share the bed with whom.

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