Rashami Desai Changes Her Game Plane In Bigg Boss After Arhan Khan Eviction


Rashami Desai Changes Her Game Plane In Bigg Boss After Arhan Khan Eviction: Bigg Boss 13’s house is getting a new story every day. Contestant Arhan Khan was out of Bigg Boss’s house the previous day. Actress Rashmi Desai suffered a lot due to her departure.

But recently, a video of Rashmi Desai (Rashami Desai) is becoming fiercely viral on social media, in which Rashmi Desai is getting a different look. Looking at this video, it seems that only after the departure of Arhaan has the actress changed her entire game plan. This new form of Rashmi Desai has attracted a lot of attention.

This video of Bigg Boss 13 has been shared by ‘The Khabari’ from his Twitter account, in which Rashmi Desai (Rashami Desai) is seen in a different form. In this, the actress first tells Shahnaz that since your captivity has started, lunch and dinner have been happening simultaneously.

After this, she is seen to be fussing with Mahira Sharma. The actress told Mahira that she runs away from everything. Apart from this, a video of Rashmi Desai has surfaced on social media, in which she is saying that she wants to shift with Aarti Singh. Talking to Asim Riaz, he said that many things have to be done many times even if he does not want to.

In Bigg Boss 13, Contestant Vishal Singh and Asim were also seen advising Rashmi Desai to focus on their game. Vishal asked Rashmi Desai to keep distance from people. At the same time, Asim told Rashmi that he will target you and me, but we have to be patient.

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