Salman Khan left Bigg Boss in Angry Mood, watch video: Every season of ‘Bigg Boss’, Salman Khan is seen taking a class of contestants. Although this happens after several weeks of some seasons, Salman Khan will lose his temper in the fourth week in ‘Bigg Boss 13’. Which contestant will be the victim of Salman Khan’s anger, it will be known in today’s episode.

But a video of this has been shared by Colors on his Instagram. In which Salman Khan is seen raging on a female contest. Salman is not only raging on the contestants, but he is seen going out of the stage.

Bigg Boss 13 Live Update

Actually, ‘War of the Bigg Boss Weekend’ was not telecasted due to IIFA Awards 2019 on air on Sunday. So this weekend’s war will be shown today. That is, Salman Khan will make home to any one or two members today. A few seconds’ video of this weekend’s war has been shared by Colors, in which Salman Khan is seen very angry.

Salman Khan is speaking to some female contestants, ‘You are playing it as a joke …? This is very serious. After this, Salman shouts loudly and walks out saying ‘Let someone else do this’. This line of Salman meant that the shows let anyone else host. Saying this, Salman gets out of the stage and goes out.

Now on which contestant Salman’s anger is extinguished? Will Salman really leave the show? This will be known after today’s (Monday) episode telecast.

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