KBC: Know what questions Sumit could not answer, Amitabh will give gifts to contestants on Diwali

KBC 11: Women who cooked khichdi became KBC millionaires, want to build a Shiv Mandir: Kaun Banega Crorepati season 11 gets the second millionaire in the form of Babita Tade. Earlier Sanoj Kumar of Bihar also went from here to become a millionaire. Another thing was common in both the millionaires of this season that both knew the answer to the 7 crores question. Despite this, both of them left the game before answering. Babita tade, who lives in Amravati, Maharashtra, wishes to take her husband on a tour of India with these funds, besides building a Shiv Mandir in her native village. Huh.

Despite not knowing the answer to the 7 crore question, Babita ji left the game and went back with 1 crore. At present, Akash is a resident of Kakori Kalan in Uttar Pradesh on the hot seat. They have recently been selected in the railway. He still works in a sweets shop with his father. He is filling potatoes in Samosas from class six. A samosa is available there for 5 rupees. They fill 3 kg of potatoes in samosas in an hour. At the price of samosa, Amitabh laughingly asked him to come to Mumbai, because a samosa of Rs 100 is also available here. Akash had won 5 thousand rupees by the end of the game.

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