Kundali bhagya 13 Jan 2020 Preview: Will Mahira be able to kill Preeta?: In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya you saw the grandmother slip on the oil spilled by Sherlyn and fall down the stairs. Rishabh takes Dadi to the room and asks Sherlyn to bring the First Aid box.

Mahira sees that Sherlyn has spilled the oil. She decides to uncover Sherlyn’s truth throughout the house.

When Karan goes to Dadi’s room, he decides to call Preeta for help. She gets upset seeing Karan’s phone. Sarla refuses Preeta to go to Luthra’s house. While Sherlyn promises to help Mahira against Preeta, Mahira asks to hide her secret.

In the next episode of Kundali Bhagya you will see that Sherlyn tells Mahira that she knows the only way to get Preeta out of the Luthra family. She says that after Preeta’s departure, you will be free to marry Karan.

When Mahira asks Sherlyn the way she tells, Preeta needs to be killed. Mahira is stunned upon hearing this. Preeta leaves from her home to treat Dadi. Will Mahira be able to kill Preeta? Stay tuned with us to know.

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