Man vs Wild: Bear Grylls gave speared and said - If tigers come, kill them, Modi said - My upbringing does not allow

Man vs Wild: What did Prime Minister Narendra Modi eat in the journey of Man Vs Wild?: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to appear in the episode of Man Vs Wild, the show coming on Discovery Channel on August 12. The Prime Minister’s arrival in this show has become a matter of discussion. During this discussion, the question of the people was also that Narendra Modi does not eat non-vegetarian food and Man Vs Wild’s host Bear Grylls eat non-vegetarian food during the show. Did Narendra Modi eat non-vegetarian food during the show?

What Bear Grylls Says

Let us tell you that during a conversation with the media, Bear Grylls has made it clear that Prime Minister Narendra Modi worked with fruits and greens and vegetables by not eating non-veg during the show.

In Uttarakhand

On August 12, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be seen fighting in the forest of Uttarakhand with Bear Grylls, host of Discovery Channel’s famous show Man Vs Wild. In the Jim Corbett National Park of Uttarakhand, both Narendra Modi and Bear Grylls will be seen storming the forest. Discovery Channel has also launched the teaser of the show, in which Narendra Modi and Bear Grylls are seen welcoming them to India and both are sitting together on a boat.

During the meeting with ANI, Bear said that PM Modi is a vegetarian, so he did not eat anything non-veg. But in the forests, you can easily live with trees, plants, roots. PM Modi has certainly spent his childhood in the jungles, so he is completely comfortable with it.

When Show live on TV

Let us know that in the special episode of ‘Man vs Wild’ coming on August 12, PM Narendra Modi and Bear Grylls will go on an exciting journey. Where there will be many other things besides the adventure between the two. During this time, PM Narendra Modi will tell Bear Grylls about his childhood.

Many actors and politicians have also participated in the show before the show Gare Grylls Man Vs Wild. In 2017, Purba President Barack Obama also appeared in this show.

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