Man vs Wild: When bear grylls fined for killing and boiling frog in bulgaria know intresting facts about him: People have been eagerly waiting for this special episode since the promos of Discovery’s exclusive show Man v / s wild while going through the jungle of Uttarakhand, of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and adventure enthusiast Bear Grylls. The episode will be broadcast on Discovery Channel at 9 pm on August 12. The two most popular people in the world are going to be seen together. Since knowing this, the excitement about this show has increased in the minds of people.

Come on, today we are going to tell you an interesting anecdote about Bear Grylls. Grylls has eaten many animals around the world. But, did you know that Bear Grylls had to pay a fine of millions for eating a frog.

Grylls has always been the target of animal promos. There have also been complaints against Grylls several times. In 2015, he was also accused that he had killed and eaten the animal in front of the camera to increase his TV renting.

Grylls falls frog heavy

In February 2019, Bear Grylls visited Bulgaria. He shot his show in a national park there. During this time he hunted a frog from the lake and ate it.

Why the penalty was imposed

The Environment Ministry of Bulgaria fined Bear because the lake from which Grylls hunted the frog is a protected lake. The fine was imposed not only on him but also on his show man v / s wild. Here neither they had to fire nor hunt. However, Grylls had already been told this. Even after this they hunted and set fire there. The government had imposed a fine of four lakh rupees on them for violating the environment rules.

Bear Grylls is from a distinguished family

Bear Grylls hails from a reputed family of Britain. His father Sir Michael Grylls was a politician. His grandfather, great-grandfather was a famous cricketer. Grylls has long been involved with adventure and nature through television shows. Has worked in many popular shows including Escape to the Legion, Bon Survivor / Man vs Wild, Worst Case Sinario, Escape from Hell, Mission Survive. Grylls also served in the British Army. He served the British Army from 1994–1997. He has mastered fields such as climbing, parachuting, survival, disarmed war. He was posted twice to North Africa as a regiment’s survival instructor.

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