Super Singer 7 Vote: Super Singer: The Final Stage: Who’s going to win? – super singer 7 show reached final stage: Super Singer is an ongoing event on Vijay TV for about 10 years. The event will be held in two categories – adults and children, seniors over 16 years old, juniors under 16 years old.

Super Singer Season 7, which is currently airing, has reached its final stage. Gautam, Punya, Murugan, Vikram and Sham Vishal have been selected for the final. It is noteworthy that Gautam was already a participant in the 2012 Super Singer Junior 3.

The finals of the Super Singer 7 event will be held this coming Sunday. Of those five who went to the finals, the people who will get the most votes will be declared winners.

Anirudh has promised to sing his music for the lucky winner of Super Singer 7.

Priyanka and Mahabha Anand take the reins of the comedy as they are not just singing songs that make the show a success.

It is expected that the trio of Mookuthi Murugan, Punya and Gautam will win.

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