Umpire dies due to batsman’s shot


Umpire dies due to batsman’s shot

New Delhi: Despite all kinds of new technology and changes, the sequence of accidents on the cricket field is not ending. There have been many such accidents on the cricket field due to which the players have died. Some time back Australian batsman Phil Hughes also died of a ball during the batting. Indian cricketer Raman Lamba’s death was also similar. Apart from this, many incidents keep coming up. Now once again a painful incident occurred and this time the umpire on the hunting ground. Umpire dies due to batsman’s shot

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During a match, the batsman shot and the ball went straight to the umpire’s head. The umpire was rushed to the hospital after the accident but could not be saved. This incident happened during the match of Division 2 where the match between Pembroke and Narberth was being played in Wales. In this match played between Pembroke and Narberth, 80-year-old John Williams was also responsible for field umpiring. The match was held on 13 July and during this period, umpiring John Williams was hit by a batsman’s shot and he fainted there.

He was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he underwent treatment for several days, but finally succumbed on Thursday 15 August. He could not be saved despite considerable efforts by doctors. According to reports, the match was immediately halted as soon as John Williams was hit on the head and was taken by ambulance to University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. On his way to the hospital, he went into a coma. On 2 August, he was shifted from Cardiff to the ICU of Vithibush Hospital but could not be saved and died despite millions of efforts.

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