What Modi said with Bear Grylls in Man Vs Wild ‘show, know everything


What Modi said with Bear Grylls in Man Vs Wild ‘show, know everything: Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared on Monday night at 9 pm on Discovery Channel’s Man Versus Wild Show with Bear Grylls. Not only did PM Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) enjoy nature with host Bear Grylls (Bear Grylls) in the ‘Man vs Wild’ show on Discovery Channel. Narrated many stories of The show is shot in Corbett National Park.

PM Narendra Modi came to Corbett Park in February with the show host Bear Grylls in connection with the shooting. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with Bear Grylls in ‘Man vs Wild, rode a raft boat in the cold waters of the river and through this adventure took up issues like conservation and sanitation.

Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand

In Discovery Channel’s’ Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls and Prime Minister Modi, the duo beat cold and rain in the forests of Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. Grylls says that Prime Minister Modi is very energetic and enthusiastic. Celebrity guests have also appeared on the show before in Bear Grylls. Prior to this, Grylls has also done shows with US President Barack Obama. During the show, the host spoke to Prime Minister Modi about his childhood, his dreams as a Prime Minister, whether or not he ever felt afraid of anything or thing in life and whether he felt nervous wearing political rallies.

My problem is that I have never felt any such fear.

On this, Modi said that he can never give a better answer about being nervous because he has never experienced it. PM Modi said, “My problem is that I have never felt any such fear. I am unable to explain to people what it is to be nervous and how to deal with it because my basic nature is very positive. I see positivity in all things. And that’s why I never feel disappointed.

His focus has always been on the development of the country

When Grylls asked him if he had ever dreamed of becoming Prime Minister, Modi said that his focus has always been on the development of the country. He said, “I was the chief minister of a state earlier. I have worked as a Chief Minister for 13 years, which was a completely new path for me. Right now my country has decided that I have to do this work. So I have been doing this for the last five years.

I am satisfied with that work

PM Modi said, “But the focus has always been on one thing, that is development.” And I am satisfied with that work. Today, if I consider it a holiday, I have to say that I am taking a vacation for the first time in 18 years. About becoming the Prime Minister of the country, Grylls asked him, did you ever feel like this. Modi said, “I never felt who I am.” I have risen above this and when I was the Chief Minister and now that I am the Prime Minister, I only think about my work and my responsibilities. My post never speaks on my head.

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