X-Men Dark Phoenix Movie Review : Full Details Should You Watch This Movie

  • Movie Name: X-Men Dark Phoenix
  • Cast: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner, etc
  • Director: Simon Kinberg
  • Categories: 2019 Sci Fiction and Action Movie
  • Movie Time: 1h 54m

There’s no shortage of problems in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. For one, the role of the alien Vuk is a waste of Chastain’s acting prowess. And what should have been a big reveal in the film has been given away stupidly in the trailers and then confirmed by Kinberg. Even if you were lucky enough to escape that, the direction of the scene is so lacklustre that it will likely inspire no emotion, which is strange considering the character involved has been around from the start. Those moments, and the film as a whole, showcase the fundamental importance of writing, whose faults can’t be papered over in other departments. In fact, at times, Dark Phoenix feels like it’s missing the necessary connective tissue, with a bunch of scenes stacked next to each other that don’t bother to explain character decisions.

Another sequence with Quicksilver stopping bullets to the tune of ‘Time in a Bottle’ would have been the cherry on the cake. Also on the topic of Quicksilver there is no mention of him being Magneto’s son – say what? While director-writer Simon Kinberg talks of Cyclops and Jean being the emotional core of the movie, it is Raven and Beast, Professor X and Magneto whose relationships and realisations give the movie emotional heft.

What think about Ending of X-Men Dark Phoenix

After all the sound and fury, two questions remain. Why does Vuk change her clothes after taking over Jessica Chastain’s body? The Terminators choose a costume and stick to it for the entire length of the film. The second question is why do all the flying superheroes put one foot behind the other when they are airborne?

X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer in Hindi

X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer in English

X-Men Dark Phoenix Ratings

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