History of 11 October – See, whose birthday is it today?


History of 11 October – See, whose birthday is it today?: What happened today in the pages of history? Is there anything special that changed today’s present and the future too? Important people who made an impact on the country and the world. Which important people were born today on 11 October and who died today. So let’s go on this journey of history…

Important events of 11 October

  • 1737: An earthquake in Calcutta (now Kolkata) killed 3 lakh people, half the city was devastated by this natural disaster.
  • 1869: American inventor Thomas Elva Edison applied for a patent for his first invention. This electric machine was used to count votes.
  • 1881: American inventor David Henderson Houston patented the first roll of cameras.
  • 1887: Mills acquired a patent for automatic stairs.
  • 1910: Theodore Roosevelt became the first US president to travel in an airplane.
  • 1945: The Chinese Civil War began between Chiang Kai Sheki’s government and Mao Zedong’s Communist Party.
  • 1968: America’s first manned Opolo mission ‘Apollo 7’ launch was first televised from orbit.
  • 1976: Maotse Tung’s wife Jiang Qing and four others were arrested on charges of plotting to overthrow the Chinese government.
  • 1984: American space scientist Catherine D. Sullivan becomes the first female astronaut to travel in space. She boarded the space shuttle Challenger.
  • 1987: India’s Peace Army launches Operation Pawan in Sri Lanka. The campaign was launched to liberate Jaffna by destroying the LTTE’s occupation
  • 1994: The Colorado Supreme Court in the US declared anti-gay rights in the state unconstitutional.
  • 2000: Lifetime ban on Hansi Cronje by South African Cricket Board.
  • 2001: Trinidad-born Indian-born British writer Vidyadhar Suraj Prasad Noypal was announced to be awarded the 2001 Nobel Literature Prize.
  • 2002: Nepal King Gyanendra appointed Lokendra Bahadur as Prime Minister.
  • 2005: Third space tourist Gregory Olson returns to Earth.
  • 2007: British novelist Doris Lasing was selected for the 2007 Nobel Prize for Literature.

Person born on 11 October

  1. 1889: Birth of the famous Gandhian thinker and educationist Magan Bhai Desai.
  2. 1902: Birth of Jayaprakash Narayan, a famous politician and freedom fighter by the name of Loknayak.
  3. 1916: Birth of Nanaji Deshmukh, a strong columnist and prominent socialist of RSS.
  4. 1942: Birth of Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan.
  5. 1946: Birth of Indian scientist Vijay P. Bhatkar.
    Died on 11 October
  6. 1889: British physical scientist James Presscott Joule dies. Names of energy units were named after him.
  7. 1996: Amit Singh Sihag was also born on this day. Now you will ask Who is Amit Singh Sihag? Amit Singh Sihag is an ordinary boy born in the biggest Village of Haryana. He is also the Founder and SEO of this website. 🙂

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